Thursday, June 4, 2015

VIDEO: Business As Usual "The Come Up"

Business As Usual
"The Come Up" 
Kitchener, Ontario duo Tyma & Maximilian -- who together are Business As Usual (B.A.U.) is making sure everyone knows they are on The Come Up. The pair have more than a rap group in common, they are actually siblings and were born two years a part, on the same day.

Business As Usual 
Song: The Come Up
Directed By: Brandon (Apex Films) Frank

Plenty Money -


Verse 1 - Maximillian 

They say im outta my mind
i say they not on my level
im tryna aim for the heavens 
and make it rain on the devil
i walk that pain like stilettos
but im not even crooked
hit my flight at anytime like i might not even book it
aint no apologies tooken, i dont ride on no cushion
no magic carpet, but im blasting off it
they dont pass that often
look some homies cut out, see some homies they stayed
lord its blood in, blood out until my homies is straight..wait
i do this for real, no rebooting my will
when i shoot, i shoot to kill so bring ya troops if you will
you bulletproof up your vest, loading up all your ammo
you prepping, ducking, and scrambling
yeah they heard that we handling
look i came from the bottom, like some dirt on the ground
now iv formed a little nest and all these birdies around
but see thats nothing thats new, you should know how it goes
take your time in that mine, you should know that theres gold
hold up, fo sho it was slow,
had to get control of that boat
had to get it rowing and floating my nigga only lord knows
whats the options to start, im tryna top up the charts
and have my cd in that shopping cart
no im not so far gotta have that heart
better tatt that on, you got that gift you best up wrap it
get your practice on, thats real shit
real quick..cause time is passing
im just saying if thats your passion get your mind in action
thats satisfaction for me atleast
i make 3 beats a week, now go and add a zero to it
nigga this is hero music...tell em that

Verse 2 - Tyma

(Dizz, This(x2) Here The Come Up)

Nappy boy in the roots but like martin i claim the truth
silence is not an option id die, before im a mute

But like pac, i aint came to retire to so i hire recruits
yes we get so high, that in reply i came to find more then you

that's silly, kill me don't feel me, you fucking right we gon live it
you playing around with your life, then your gon to get more for dealing

but hey! whats feeling if you aint got shit to worry bout later...Painless
but i came here prepared so there's nothing i wont do im dangerous

this fame aint shit, when it come to names ill have you changing your favorites
cant complain im overrated, in the end im all under waiting my time to come

time will tell them there something more then we want
cause if we aint selling out no shows im taking it that most

cant accept the truth, when i press i shoot 
im on top here no stress with you, straight head shots yes execute

mess with who? i mess with you!
let me tell you they'll be nothing left of you

pressure who? i measures they pussies and leave a mess to clean
cause destinies my message and im coming for where the devil sleep

this shits disturbing domestic peace with excellence
its major moves, i made you choose 

play no games i made it through
now its fuck y'all niggas! no bathing suits

me and my niggas gon make that loot
don't make us shoot if i may have too

this right here! is mayhem, mayhem iv paved my way
hero music im saying these other niggas still playing

i came! but i am not finished! this change was for a whole new image
this language don't need no fingers, cause signs aint gon get em threw here

proving i will not loose here, im made for this shit no choosing
hero music its all here now listen closely we do this!

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